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You will become VIP and have special treatment by Escort Services KL. With the Escort Girls KL as your companion, you will feel doubly special. She will be at your full service the whole time that she's with you. She will give you a massage, make you a cup of coffee, or even give in to some of your intimate requests.

Make your home conducive to having fun and pop up some wine. When the Escort KL Girls have arrived at your door step, make her feel relaxed like a special guest should. If you put her in the right mood, she's all the more ready to give you some entertainment.


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Feeling guilty

 I'm feeling a little bad and guilty for having fucked my flatmate's boyfriend over the weekend. Felt a very uneasy around her when she came back late Sunday night from her home in Malaysia. I felt even more uneasy when her boyfriend came over on Monday night. He kept giving me naughty looks. I was so afraid that my flatmate would notice. At one point in the evening, the two of them were in their room, I was in the kitchen getting a drink. He came into the kitchen and suddenly hugged me from behind. One hand reached between my legs, the other was squeezing my breasts. I was so afraid that my flatmate would suddenly come into the kitchen and see us. I pushed him away and gave him a stern warning in whispers, that he should not do that again, especially when my flatmate was round in the apartment. If my flatmate finds out, I'm afraid that she might find another apartment, then I'll be stuck with higher rental, or having to find another flatmate. Over the last few days, he has been sending me smses, telling me how much he enjoyed our Sat morning session in bed and how much he is looking forward to fucking me again. Sigh. Posted by Pink Panthee Call Us At +6016-947 9666

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